Chandler Concrete and Building Supply’s Ready Mixed Concrete – Delivered to Order
Unlike other building materials suppliers, Chandler Concrete and Building Supply provides ready mixed concrete for any building project, delivered to your strict specifications.
Our ready-mixed concrete can be customized with additives to accommodate pours in less than desirable weather (very hot or very cold) or transportation times. Our engineered concrete can produce a variety of formulations designed to achieve modern construction requirements and/or produce less waste and greater savings for optimum efficiency.

Chandler offers excellent ready-mixed concrete quality control to ensure your ready-mixed concrete is delivered to order. See also: Chandler Concrete WebSite    &     Concrete in Practice series (CIP)

Customized Admixtures
We can customize your ready-mixed concrete to fit your specific need by adjusting the proportions of water, aggregate, cement and additives. We can modify concrete’s manageability, shorten or extend set time and improve the finishability. Ask about Chandler Concrete’s cold weather concrete products and hot weather concrete products.

Engineered Concrete
Chandler Concrete Company, unlike most ready-mixed concrete companies, maintains a research and development department. The technical service staff can optimize your concrete – developing mixes to achieve strength or other characteristics required through modification and chemical technology. Our technical staff can advise for special cases, can design and seal mixes unique to your job requirements.

Trends in Ready-Mixed Concrete

Concrete in Color  Stamped Concrete